Pippa Middleton to sign a book deal?

Pippa MiddletonCarole Middleton must have taken her eyes off the ball. Or maybe she’s suffering from Dukan diet fatigue. Whatever the cause, the result may be dire: “friends” claim daughter Pippa is set to sign a book deal. Get in there, Carole, and put a stop to it, before the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister makes all you Middletons look like they’re milking their royal connections for all they’re worth.

The subject of the purported book – how to be the hostess with the mostest – is anodine enough; but it’s the thought that will count against Pippa (and her family). The Middletons run a party planning service and have done so for years. They’ve made a fortune out of party favours, paper plates and silly hats. They have cleverly kept such fripperies well away from the Firm they have joined, making sure in the run-up to Kate and Wills’s wedding that no one could accuse them of cashing in on the Great Occasion. Look up their site, and not even the “About Us” category boasts of their connections. The cattiest critics were silenced by this perfect clan: they handled themselves better than the Windsors, both in and out of the Abbey. Read more.


2 thoughts on “Pippa Middleton to sign a book deal?

  1. Pippa does have an English Lituarture degree from Edinborough does she not. Why can’t she use her degree to write a party planning book. The Quenn wanted Kate to use her degree.

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